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Atlantis SmartManure

The team of Agrifood AT and Atlantis IT presents the vertical management of the traceability of the transport of livestock waste, Atlantis SmartManure, at a technical manure workshop organized by IRTA Mas Badia, the Department of Agriculture and the Office of fertilization and treatment of waste Livestock.

On this day, topics related to recommendations and strategies for fertilization and nutrients analysis in manure are discussed and watched out by law. Companies like Agrifood AT and Atlantis IT know that manure control and good management is fundamental to conserve the environment and we are convinced that our solution, Atlantis SmartManure, has much to contribute. We would like to thank IRTA for these awareness workshops on such an important issue today.

If you are interested in knowing more about Atlantis SmartManure you can consult our website or contact us.