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IV Agrifood AT Conferences

On 15 December we presented the fourth edition of the Agrifood Conference in the Scientific and Technology Park of Lleida, with the title of "Business alternatives and technology strategy" with sessions focused on key aspects of the implementation and development that will shape our future, as the technology innovation, "cloud", the digital transformation, the predictive modeling, optimization systems and management of production processes and detection, Business Intelligence (BI) and integration of systems.
With this Conference, Agrifood complete 2015 after several Days of training and technical know-how made during the year.
The opening of the IV Agrifood Conference was chaired by the Vice Chancellor of Science and Technology Policy at the University of Lleida, Albert Sorribes. Jorge Gonzalo, Director of Agrifood, was responsible for the presentation and welcome to the participants. Josep Clotet, Director of the Agribusiness Science and Technology Park closed the event with a message of hope, gratitude and encouragement to all participants for a bright future.
The event hosted speakers of great significance in the nationally and internationally field. Participants: 63 participating companies have benefited from an overview of business opportunities of using technological improvement: the application of new technologies or not, it will be a factor in empowering or limiting, that have to be addressed to improve our competitiveness and achieve better positioning of our business.
Agrifood Alternative Technologies, along with its partners and collaborators, continues to work to become a technological partner, both in the development of methodologies, projects and solutions, and through collaboration with the most prestigious companies to help us achieve these objectives.
We thank the following companies for their cooperation, without their participation the Conference would not have been possible: AGROVISION, CARGILL®, NUTRALSCA®, DISI, EQGEST, ATLANTIS, MICROSOFT, UDL, GLOBALLEIDA, ARGUZIA, EVOLUTION ALGORITHMS, CAEDIS, ETSEA, PCiTAL, TURISMEdeLLEIDA, Lleida City Paeria, Ajuntament de Lleida, TURISMEdeLLEIDA, Lleida Comune Paeria, Dep. d' Agricultura, Ramaderia, Pesca, Alimentació i Medi Natural de la Generalitat de Catalunya, ALBÉITAR, as well as the rest of the collaborators who offered their services to the event: the SETACCENTS Comunications and Videos, ABACongress, UP2YOU Graphic Design, TRINOR Translators, QR Cafe.
We hope that this Conference has provided to all participants ideas and solutions to address the complex future that we face, tobe an exciting future full of opportunities and challenges.
THANK YOU to all participants.
Waiting future events!

IV Agrifood Conference. Program