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Launch of the new Formula Integration v4

Formula Integration is a very useful solution for feed, proofreader and additive companies, as it allows you to see the detail of the formulas in production from anywhere and manage them efficiently and intuitively.

In April 2020 we released the new version of Formula Integration (v4 FI). This offers many more features than the previous one, such as the new automated synchronization options.

Formula Integration (FI) is a powerful tool that integrates formula data from the Brill Formulation program™ or others, allowing its visualization and analysis from a desktop application, a web portal or from an App.

FI allows the validation of formulas and their integration with third-party programs from different data export formats and the creation of a Microsoft SQL publication database, while maintaining the traceability of the actions performed.

Enjoy the possibility to use FI together with our advanced data analysis and reporting system, based on the historical composition of your formulas, their prices and those of the ingredients that make them, together with their own economic, production or performance data of their animals.