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Brill Formulation, Feed Tags and Feed Ration Balancer

We remind you of the latest available versions of the Brill Formulation ™, Feed Tags ™ and Feed Ration Balancer ™ programs (Format Solutions).

- Brill Formulation ™ v2.08.004

- Feed Tags ™ v1.08.009

- Feed Ration Balancer ™ v2.01.019

To schedule the update of the programs with the Agrifood AT support team, you must request it through the email info@agrifoodat.com or by phone +34 973 283 752

After installation (by remote connection) our technicians will provide you with a brief explanation about the new features of these programs.

If you prefer another type of installation or require extra services, please let us know in the same request.

Contact us for more information on the enhancements offered by the new versions of these programs.